Making an Entrepreneur World a model for addressing Extreme Poverty and Unemployment

Salutations as per the existing protocol

Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen.

I bring you greetings from the LIMUN family and all its collaborating partners and    Sponsors.

You are all wonderful people.

I don’t know what defines your happiness, neither am I too sure that some little things really matter to you. How your sentiments of achievement are aroused may not be something I can clearly discern on. But if ensuring that young people voices are heard by the right actors, if setting up significant gatherings like the GIMUN, BIMUN etc  and today the historic LIMUN interest you, then the social stimulating  blood that run your veins of every day’s life run those of mine. If it goes further that trying to answer some of the questions of how youths especially across Africa can dialogue and network to find common solutions to our shared problems, then we share the same platform of happiness.

I am indeed elated today that we all can gather in one accord to set this milestone, marking the first ever session of the LIMUN. It is a new day dawning on us to move little more faster and as a more educated, unified and reconciled people seeking to improve entrepreneurship and respond to the call of youth unemployment we are marked by.

On an occasion like this, it is important to espouse the fundamental economic functional utilities of entrepreneurship by defining it from multiple perspectives and providing sectorial linkages. Maybe by looking from the viewpoint of the process of designing, launching and running a new business which is of initially a small business.  More importantly how it can pull significant populations out of poverty and provide better employment opportunities for youths.

To some extent I will do as I have just mentioned for the purpose of this session. Hence, looking at how my personal life has been shaped from attending the BIMUN conference in Nigeria, please consider that I have to make this special recognition. I will rather dig deeper in   fetching fresh waters from memory lane of how a young Liberian Youth has situated himself from the dented mentality that only politics and radical ventures would change Liberia to a more modest, diplomatic, collective thinking person colored by diversity, inclusiveness, patriotism. These path ways are more secured and must therefore be the ones we the Liberian youths  focus. I am convinced that many others will receive their diplomatic baptism and we will share the gospel of modesty and peaceful co-existence, which are all values of the United Nations as opposed violence. ( Am I speaking to you people?

It is with no doubt that a better way to solve problems of poverty and Youth unemployed can be serviced through Entrepreneurship.

There are a number of ways to employ young people, but the preconditions are quite more important to look at. Looking through, let me pick up with particular interest skills development and empowerment. we find our youths facing challenges that hinder their entrepreneur capabilities. You can find a young man riding okata in Nigeria having problems similar to that of his peer riding motor bike or kekeh in Liberia,  a Young lady in Liberia may get stuck up in the mud for days while travelling over to get market items to the her final destination. You find out that many people make wrong investments with loans of high interest’s rates due to limited understanding of investment strategies and innovations. These are problems embedded in limited skills, uneasy business environments and limited empowerment that spur entrepreneurship especially in the context of Small Medium Enterprises. 

There are so much of challenges to look at, but the potentials in my mind overweight the odds and it is the right  time to move a little faster. Some policies like the Liberia Small Business Act of 2014 have helped to set the Stage but we must be far more practical to achieve the demands of the youthful populations as we candled out the dark of unemployment through entrepreneurship.

Unemployment may have staked over the years. It appears more as a reality not only in Africa but most parts of the world. Nevertheless, strives are being made to advert these situations and we can do the same here. It must be done not by making sweet political speeches and lofty empty political campaign promises but rather investigating and coming up with findings that focus the development of Sound technical vocational education and  training, that bring quick and sustainable employment guaranteed both in the contexts of Self employment and institutional hiring.

We can today say we have come a long way, from a Liberia once divided by tribal sentiments, forcefully reduced to violent people pressured by vices of corruption, nepotism, abuse of powers etc. I can tell you we over all prevailed and we have peace today. As it has often been lamented by some great fathers of the Continent, including the likes of papa William V.S. Tubman, Kwame Nykrumah   , peace is the fundamental basis of all. So we have peace, and the other side of the equation we must build up is reconciliation to further set the stage Making an Entrepreneur World a model for addressing Extreme Poverty and Unemployment

Salutations as per the existing protocol



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