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S Anthony Menlor

S Anthony Menlor

Executive Chairman

S. Anthony Menlor Jr. was born in Ganta City Nimba County, Republic of Liberia. He is a senior student studying demography with emphasis in economics at the University of Liberia. He is an entrepreneur, a youth leader and a rights activist. Anthony is a proud alumnus of BIMUN and is the founder of Youth in action for Peace, development and Justice-Liberia (YAPDJ-Liberia), Country Coordinator for West Africa young leaderships summit (WAYLS) and the Executive Chairman for LIMUN.

More importantly in Anthony’s career, he is a motivational leader who has impacted many young peoples’ lives in Liberia.

Burton Dorley

Burton Dorley

Deputy Executive Director

Burton Dorley is an innovative environmental activist, graduated from the Soltiamon Christian High School in 2012. He holds an Associate of Science Degree in Environmental Science and is currently a senior student at the Stella Maris Polytechnic majoring Environmental Science He works as a Project manager of the Conscious Environmental Youth Alliance established on the basis of promoting to the sustainable development goals, thereby creating an enabling environment for man and nation coexistence. He had an opportunity to represent Liberia at the Tunza Youth Conference in Bandung Indonesia in 2011; Expert Presenter at the International Conference on Climate Finance in Dhaka, Bangladesh; The Ghana International Model United Nations and the Babcock International Model United Nations in 2017.

He has 3 years of expertise in MUNs program, as a MUNer, he served as a Rapporteur for the Babcock International Model United Nations in Lagos, Nigeria & President to the UNICEF Committee Session at the Ghana International Model United Nations. Because of his passion for the environment he was awarded as Tunza Youth Ambassador and Green Champion. He believes that “Education is the only tools a person can use to transformed the world”

Andyll L. Quamie

Andyll L. Quamie


Andyll L. Quamie is a senior student at the Stella Maris polytechnic majoring Environmental science. She has attend five model United Nations and won two awards, she believes in networking and sharing her knowledge with others. She has a Asc in environmental science and she one day wishes to work with the United Nations and become a representative of her country to the United Nations.

Mark W. Boahndao

Mark W. Boahndao


Mark W. Boahndao is a promising young Liberian who has focus his life to serving humanity through Volunteerism. He has dedicated a time and limited resources for many charitable organizations.
He has worked for the Organization of African Youth, Belenie Charity Foundation, Girls and Vulnerable Youth Education Initiative, Agoras Speakers International, and presently serving as a Promoter of the Liberia International Model United Nations (LIMUN) and an Intern at the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia CENTAL respectively.
He is a prospective BSc degree holder in Accounting from the University of Liberia, an IT Enthusiast, a Blogger and a Social Worker.
His passion for serving humanity is undeniable.

Mc-Arthur Charles Mantein

Mc-Arthur Charles Mantein


Mc-Arthur Charles Mantein, he is a student of the United Methodist University, a youth activist, and a SDGs Ambassador.
He is a founding member and Director of Operations at the Transform Liberia Youth Initiative , a member of the Liberia International Model United Nations, a member of the Board at Lincoln Poetry and the owner of Mc Incorporated.
Mc-Arthur is currently the Country Representative for Initiative For International Model United Nations to Liberia.
He has attended several international Model United Nations and had serve as chairperson for three committees. To name a few;
United Nations Security Council -Chairman ( Initiative for International Model United Nations -Sierra Leone 2017)
United Nations Security Council -President(Liberia International Model United Nations2018)
Disarmament and International Security Committee_ The first Committee of the United Nations General Assembly – (IIMUN-Sierra Leone,2017)
UNFPA- Delegate (Ghana International Model United Nations 2016, 2017)
ECOFIN- Accepted Delegate( Future WE WANT MODEL UNITED NATIONS 2019).
He is commonly known as “Africa Rising”, his favorite quote is “With God, all things are possible”.

George Kamu Diamond

George Kamu Diamond

Publicity Co-Chair

Diamond George Kamu is a Liberian Social Entrepreneur, Founder of the Belenie Christian Foundation, Volunteer, Teacher and 2017 SMART Liberia Fellow with over five years of experience as a development worker, with specific focus on Education.

Currently, Diamond is the Vice Principal of Instruction at the Belenie Christian Foundation School System.


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  Melvin Benyeakeh Miapeh

Deputy Secretary, Logistician, , LIMUN Head of Secretariat, YAPDJ-Liberia

  Prince G. Domah

Finance Director, LIMUN, Project & Finance Director, YAPDJ-Liberia

Okewon Cooper

Partnership Chair, LIMUN, YAPDJ-Liberia

Eden Justice Tailey

Volunteer, LIMUN, YAPDJ-Liberia

  Leon G. Paye

Public Affairs Director, LIMUN, Administrative Director, YAPDJ-Liberia

Ebenezer Essilfie-Nyame

Chief Advisor, LIMUN, YAPDJ-Liberia

Ruth Henry is a graduate of the Sabegna school of travel & tourism, where she obtain a diploma in cargo & customer service. She also attained an Associate of Science degree in Environmental Science.

She believes that diplomacy accelerates sustainable development.

Ruth D. Henry

Volunteer, LIMUN, YAPDJ-Liberia

Sona is a volunteer with over three years of experience as a development worker and an aspiring social entrepreneur. She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, and working currently at the Monrovia Footbal Academy, where she’s a classroom teacher & a life skills program officer.

Sona Traore

Volunteer, LIMUN, Monrovia Football Academy


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