This conference is a Project by the YOUTH IN ACTION FOR PEACE, DEVELOPMENT AND JUSTICE- LIBERIA (YAPDJ-LIBERIA), a registered non for profit Youth organization operating in the Republic of Liberia. It is a non-political organization and highly frowns on all forms of discrimination.



Promoting the achievement of the SDGs through advocacy and Education


Creating a more Sustainable World through networking, education and youth empowerment

Through education, advocacy and charity, we will champion and promote the ideals and principles of the UN system as a relevant body to the people of the world.



The overall objective is to make youths more interested into solving global issues and also skills in interna- tional diplomacy.


To increase people’s awareness and boost their interest and confidence in the UN system
To increase people’s awareness on SDGs 2030 and AU Agenda 2063 and boost their interest and confidence in the UN system

To develop the capacity of people especially the youth to work for the UN and its agencies
To advocate for the enhancement of human rights and safe environmental practices
To promote peace among people by fostering friendship
To offer helping hand to the vulnerable and less privileged in the society

LIMUN Believe

LIMUN is meant to Prepare and model students from around the world to informed, experience, intellectual and creative Diplomats by educating them about international political, educational, health and economic issues with in the United Nations. The program will build the confidence of and encourages young students to act as great leaders and ambassadors who can sustain the workings and existence of the United Nations. Meanwhile, the event is also meant to create a space for youths from around the globe to meet, greet and network for future professional and social acquaintances as they strive for validation in their professional lives.

About the organizer (YAPDJ-Liberia)

Youth in Action for Peace, Development and Justice Liberia (YAPDJ-Liberia) is a youth led and run organization founded in Feb 2017 in Liberia with the goal to engage women, youth and children in contributing actively to the promotion of peace, progress, development and justice in Liberia.

As it is part of the YAPDJ-Liberia objectives to expose and engage youth in the works of the United Nations and the African Union through staging MUNs, Community Development Initiatives, Conferences and other related events in Liberia, YAPDJ-Liberia in collaborations with partners and sponsors have decided to establish annual Liberia International Model United Nations Conference in Liberia.

Liberia International Model United Nation is a YAPDJ-Liberia design program in alignment with Model United Nation, an imitation of the United Nation that aim to reach students from all works of life by educating them about international political, educational, health and economic issues with in the United Nations. The program encourages students to act as ambassadors and leaders of a nation within a particular UN member state. During this program, each student plays the role of an ambassador and is encouraged to research and gain knowledge on a particular current issue set on the UN agenda.

There they are able to discuss and debate issues through a deliberative forum design by Model UN. The program also give responsibility of Delegates and Diplomats to student participants where they are obligated to create speeches, outline papers draft, debate, deliberate and consult with one another and further negotiate with their member states to resolve and develop solution to issues set under the agenda. The students represent either a country or an NGO in a simulated session of a UN Committee or general assembly.


Contact Details

5th Street Sinkor, Coleman Avenue, Monrovia
Republic of Liberia

Contact Number: +231777777911

Email: limun18team@gmail.com